Out in the Delta Quadrant We're Almost Alone...

This is the USS Paladin NCC-75447 an Intrepid-class starship under the command of Commodore Neela Izal and presently operating in the Delta Quadrant as the Task Force 38 Executive Officer's flagship. Out here we are almost completely isolated from the rest of the Federation. Out here we are almost completely on our own and making the best of the situation as it has presented itself.

Construction on the Paladin began in the year 2375 following the Dominion War as the Federation began to focus once more upon exploration of the Milky Way. She was completed and commissioned in 2377 and assigned to Commander Charles Indigo. However, fate played a cruel trick on the vessel in 2386 when the starship and her entire crew vanished mysteriously.

Late in the year 2388 the vessel suddenly reappeared after being pulled into some sort of subspace fissure more than two years earlier. Most of the starship's crew had been killed and those who survived were medically retired. The vessel was towed to Outpost Curtiss to undergo repairs. Now, it is the year 2389 and the vessel has been given a very special assignment under the command of Commodore Izal.

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» Hello & Welcome

Posted on Wed Jan 3rd, 2018 @ 3:46am by Commodore Neela Izal in Out of Character


Welcome to the USS Paladin :)

The first post for our first episode is up, the mission notes have been updated, and finally we have picked up one extra person that none of us have written so please take the time to welcome:

PO3 Ael Liorae played by Patrick (Not me obviously lol) - Quartermaster

Thank you,

Cmdre Izal

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» Meeting the Romulan

Mission: Episode 1 - Through The Looking Glass
Posted on Sun Jan 28th, 2018 @ 1:28pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Ael Liorae & Lieutenant Commander Kelsi Humphreys

Lieutenant Commander Humphreys had been assigned to USS Paladin not necessarily something that she completely relished, but it was still somewhat of a warm welcome. Besides, it had come with the promotion to Lieutenant Commander and a first step towards going into the Command division.

She had sat down at…

» So It Begins...

Mission: Episode 1 - Through The Looking Glass
Posted on Wed Jan 3rd, 2018 @ 3:41am by Commodore Neela Izal & Lieutenant Commander Mario Jameson & Lieutenant Arig Tuvax & Lieutenant Kara Stevenson

Commodore Neela Izal had arrived at Outpost Curtiss the day before, but had not had the chance to tour her new command since her arrival. Instead she was given a tour of the station with Captain Hickerson and, now since her Executive Officer and Chief Engineering Officer had arrived she…